Lean Development Training

Lean Development Workshops

  • Lean Experience Workshop- 3 days
  • Lean Development – An Introduction – 2 days
  • Lean Development Fundamentals – 1 day

Lean Development Training

Some good introductions to Lean development are:

  • Mary Poppendieck and Tom Poppendieck books that provide a map between Lean Principles and their realization with development practices.
  • The original source of inspiration is Toyota Production System (see Yasuhiro Monden (1998), Toyota Production System, An Integrated Approach to Just-In-Time). 

This training will go deeper and will cover these aspects:

  • Rethinking lean principles in the context of software development. These principles are related to eliminating waste, continuous improvement, optimizing the whole, workflow streamline
  • Lean practices
  • Software development Lean life-cycles (Kanban-based included)
  • Understanding how Agile & Lean will work together
  • What support can we find in the Agile methods – XP, Disciplined Agile, Scrum – for a Lean process