Organizations needs improvement & competitive advantage. The improvements need to be steady and effective on short, medium and long term. Too many times an incomplete “roadmap to Agile” create serious problems for teams & organizations, after an apparently successful start.

Our coaching could help you on these directions:

  • Base for process improvement and quick start with Agile
  • Agile/Disciplined Agile adoption. Example of supported styles:
    • Agile Life-Cycle flavors
      • Scrum-style (Scrum-XP hybrids)
      • Extreme programming style
    • Lean Life-cycle
      • Kanban-Style (Kanban-XP hybrids)
    • Advanced Lean/Agile
      • Continuous Delivery
  • Collaborative way of working
  • Develop Agile & Lean Capability: teams, products, way of working
  • Scaling Aspects: team of teams, complexity, criticality, geographic distribution
  • Pragmatic Agile Governance
  • Prepare internal coaches
  • Mentoring for executives and stakeholders


Coaching help teams to improve faster & steady their activity and avoid false starts and stalemates:

  • Lean-Agile mindset: values, principles & their traceability to effective practices
  • Prepare team leaders, architects to acts as coaches and lead by example
  • Coaching team members
  • Develop needed Agile cross-disciplinary skills
  • Teams will own their process


  • Core Agile Practices
  • Agile Design/Agile Architecture
  • Product improvement & managing technical debt and legacy code
  • Design for quality & testable design
Agile Product Lifecycle


  • Topics:
    • Lean-Agile principles and practices
    • Agile methods:  XP, Scrum, Disciplined Agile
    • Clean Code, Clean Architecture
  • Volunteer work: presentations for education purposes.