Organizations need ongoing improvement to achieve a competitive advantage. Our coaching can help you achieve steady and effective improvement in the short, medium, and long term. Too often, an incomplete “roadmap to Agile” can lead to serious problems for teams and organizations, despite an initially successful start.

Our coaching can assist you in:

  • Establishing a strong foundation for process improvement and a quick start with Agile adoption
  • Identifying and addressing potential roadblocks to Agile adoption
  • Facilitating the implementation of Agile/Disciplined Agile, including Scrum-style, Extreme programming style, Kanban-style, and Continuous Delivery
  • Fostering a collaborative way of working, which is essential for Agile and Lean success
  • Developing Agile and Lean capabilities within teams, products, and working processes
  • Addressing scaling aspects such as team of teams, complexity, criticality, and geographic distribution
  • Implementing pragmatic Agile governance to ensure alignment and accountability across the organization
  • Preparing internal coaches to provide ongoing support and guidance for Agile and Lean practices
  • Providing mentoring for executives and stakeholders to understand and support the Agile and Lean transformation.


With our coaching, teams will learn to understand and apply Agile and Lean principles, leading to better results and a more efficient way of working. Team leaders and architects will be equipped to act as coaches and lead by example, while team members will develop the necessary Agile cross-disciplinary skills. As a result, teams will take ownership of their process and continuously improve it, leading to faster and steady progress.


  • Core Agile Practices
  • Agile Design/Agile Architecture
  • Product improvement & managing technical debt and legacy code
  • Design for quality & testable design
Agile Product Lifecycle


  • Topics:
    • Lean-Agile principles and practices
    • Agile methods:  XP, Scrum, Disciplined Agile
    • Clean Code, Clean Architecture
  • Volunteer work:¬†presentations for educational purposes.