Why is it so hard to find qualified agile coaches?” – Scott W. Ambler

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Disciplined Agile

These courses/workshops are provided by PMI Disciplined Agile in order to support Disciplined Agile Toolkit (Disciplined Agile is the industry-leading process decision toolkit) related activities.

Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master modules


DA Certifications

You can find more about DA certifications here. You may be interested in DA certifications if you are an Agile/Lean team member, a leader (Team Leader, Scrum Master, Project Manager, Architect) who wants to increase your knowledge, expertise and help your team and organization to improve their way of working.

Scrum & Agile Fundamentals

Lean Development (new)

  • Lean Experience Workshop – 3 days
  • Lean Development – An Introduction – 2 days
  • Lean Development Fundamentals – 1 day