Scrum & Agile Fundamental Training

Scrum & Agile Fundamentals

  • Scrum Fundamentals & Agile Principles, Practices & Methods – 3 days
  • Scrum Fundamentals & Agile Introduction – 2 days
  • Agile Principles, Practices & Methods – 1 day

Scrum training 

Scrum it is a lightweight method and also the most adopted Agile method in the world. In the same time teams that have start using Scrum still struggle with various problems, such us quality, productivity and release management. especially and long term. Scrum could be very useful if is presented with correct understanding of benefits, boundaries and limitations. It is dangerous to “sell” Scrum (or other method) as a silver-bullet without presenting the general Agile and software development context.

Our goal is to help teams to improve their process using Scrum and other Agile methods and other Agile practices, by selecting the right approach in the context and presenting a correct imagine of Scrum and its benefits.

Agile Fundamentals

Any Agile adoption should start with a good understanding of Agile Principles. Our goal is to provide the participants a good overview over Agile Principles, Agile Practices and over main Agile Methods (XP – Extreme Programming, Scrum and Disciplined Agile).