Book: Choose Your WoW!

Happy to contribute (review work and many accepted proposals) and to announce the new Disciplined Agile handbook Choose Your WoW!.

There are hundreds of Agile & Lean books, but just some of them are fundamentals.

  • For Core Agile Practices I recommend the two editions of Extreme Programming Explained, by Kent Beck, Scott W. Ambler Agile Modeling (book and site), Clean Code and Clean Architecture by Robert C. Martin, Refactoring by Martin Fowler
  • For choices … that is another story. You need to choose, adapt to context: life-cycles, techniques, improvement approach, governance, team structure and roles and others. You will never rely only on Core Agile Practices or on a small subset of them. You will always need and use other choices. But – in these hundreds of books – you have too few guidance related to this aspect. The new “Choose Your WoW! book could help with your choices and give you the understanding needed to build and optimize your process.

Choose Your WoW! is organized into several sections:

  1. Disciplined Agile Delivery in a nutshell
  2. Successfully initiating your team
  3. Producing business value
  4. Releasing into production
  5. Sustaining and enhancing your team

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