Essentializing DAD

I recently had the privilege to work on “Essentializing DAD“, on overview of Disciplined Agile Delivery based on OMG/SEMAT Essence Language constructs as Alphas, Patterns, Resources, Activities, Work Products.
I want to thank Scott Ambler who started this Essentializing DA initiative and collaborated with SEMAT from 2009. Scott helped me with feedback and review of this material.
The Alphas – essential elements to describe a DAD based process or any process- are the followings:

  • Full deliveries life-cycles
  • Consumable Solutions
  • Adapt to Context
  • Core Agile Practices
  • Teal Teams & Organizations
  • Guided Process Improvements

With these core elements you can

  • asses your way of working for completeness & aspects coverage in general and on Agile adoption in particular
  • asses the Agile methods that you are using (Scrum, XP or others)
  • speed up understanding & learning of Disciplined Agile and Agile