Disciplined Agile DASSM Workshops 2021

Disciplined Agile training since 2015 

This workshop is delivered in Romanian Language (you can contact us also for English workshops)


Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (2 days) – Tailor Your Approach and Lead Your Team with Disciplined Agile – Position yourself to successfully lead an agile team (or multiple teams) and effectively take on more complex and key initiatives for your organization. Adopt an agile mindset as well as being able to tailor and scale any agile or lean approach using the Disciplined Agile tool kit to choose your way of working (WoW). More information about the workshop here.


This workshop give you access to the new Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master certification exam.


Two years of experience working on an agile team in a leadership role, like Disciplined Agile scrum master, scrum master, product owner, architecture owner, etc.


400 EUR (final price)

Next planned dates:

  • February 27-28, 2021 (virtual training)


Valentin Tudor Mocanu, DA Certified Trainer & Coach (from 2015), PMI Authorized Training Partner for Disciplined Agile, PSM (2012), PMP (2008), DA Consortium Advisory Council Member (2015-2020)

Special offers

  • Early bidding (2020) 10 %
  • Groups of 3-4 persons: 10%
  • Groups of 5-7 persons: 15% and free 4 hours Agile Q&A
  • Groups of 8 or more persons: 20 % and free 8 hours Agile Q&A
  • PMI members: +5% (cumulative with early bidding)
  • PMI active volunteers: +10% (cumulative with early bidding)


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