InfoQ: Scott & Mark about Executive’s Guide to Disciplined Agile book

Scott & Mark interviewed by InfoQ on Executive’s Guide to Disciplined Agile book

<<This book is for people with the courage to look at the bigger picture, because frankly the big picture tends to be very ugly in practice. It’s for people willing to consider all aspects of their organization and who realize that IT is a key enabler of business agility. It’s for people who realize that context counts, that everyone faces a unique situation and will be agile in their own unique way, that one process does not fit all. It’s for people who realize that, although they are in a unique situation, others have faced similar situations before and have figured out a variety of strategies that you can adopt and tailor – you can reuse the process learnings of others and thereby invest your energies into adding critical business value to your organization.>>


Book Review: Executive’s Guide to Disciplined Agile

Book presentation:

I was very happy to contribute to official review of this book. There are some few software related books that are unique by their content fundamental value, as: ”Refactoring” (Martin Fowler and collaborators), “Clean Code” & “Clean Coder” (Robert C. Martin), “Extreme Programming Explained” (Kent Beck). The new book by Scott W. Ambler and Mark Lines seems to be from the same category, being unique of its kind. The proposed “final destination”, the “Business Agility” it is not only a concept, but it is covered with very useful light and essential guidance. The book has a great and, in the same time, light-efficient coverage of the overall process aspects:

  • Delivery (software development) process
  • DevOps
  • Agile IT
  • Agile Enterprise
  • Agile Transformation
  • From Transformation to Continuous Improvement

Agile Enterprise: this is a first time when this concept is backup with a process guideline. One of the main and great ideas is to focus improvement on value streams (“creating, producing, and delivering a good or service to the market”).

Here are some great ideas from the book:

  • The mindset is only the beginning
  • Context counts: use DA context sensitive, goal driven guidance
  • Choice is Good: More Agile & Lean Delivery Lifecycles
  • DevOps: Architecting for DevOps
  • DevOps: Developer-led operations (You build it …).
  • DevOps: Address your DevOps technical debt – Automated regression tests, Clean code, Clean data, Operational and reporting infrastructure, Small Projects, Refactoring and others
  • IT cannot be treated like a “black box.”. IT deserves a seat at the management table. IT must work collaboratively with the rest of the organization.
  • IT Governance: Consider both the long and short term.
  • Reuse engineering: fund reuse directly
  • Product management: Rolling wave planning
  • “Teal is the new Black” for Enterprises: Adaptive, Self-Organization. Cellular, living organism; Awareness, Fulfillment; Evolutionary purpose.
  • Marketing: Customer discovery over static prediction
  • Sales: Reward sales people for long-term, delighted customers.
  • Finance: Fund three growth horizons (operational, entrepreneurial, venture)
  • Contracts: Prefer incremental delivery contracts over big-bang contracts.
  • Transformation: Continuous improvement – the true strategy is to become a learning, adaptive organization.
  • Transformation: Becoming self-sufficient, moving from external to internal coaching.
  • Business agility requires true agility across all of IT, not just software development

DA 104: Introduction to Disciplined Agile – Certification Prep Workshop: 20-21 May 2017, Bucharest

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  • Valentin Tudor Mocanu, Certified Disciplined Agile Coach, Certified Disciplined Agile Instructor


  • PSS-Prosoft Solutions SRL,  Bd Iuliu Maniu, nr. 7, Building A, Floor 4, sector 6, Bucharest (Cotroceni Business Center)


  • You can eventually specify your preferences for other periods in 2017 or for DA-101 3-day workshop

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Disciplined Agile Poster Explained: DA Agile IT Department

On Wednesday, September 21 2016 we ran a webinar overviewing the latest version of the DA poster. A recording of the webinar can be viewed online from the DAC Webinars page and a PDF of the slide deck is posted on Slideshare entitled The Disciplined Agile IT Department. -Scott Ambler

You can find there the new DA poster, a link to a recent webinar , corresponding slide deck, and also responses to the questions from the webinar.



800+ Agile teams! Barclays worldwide Transformation with #disciplinedAgile

Mark Lines: 800+ Agile teams! Jon Smart describes Barclays worldwide Transformation with #disciplinedAgile

<<For us, our approach is based on Disciplined Agile (DA) as it is not one-size-fits-all, it is a goal-based, risk & value focused framework and is enterprise aware. It allows practices to vary as the context differs, with recommendations. >>


Agile2016 – Recommendations

Monday, July 25 • 3:45pm – 5:00pm
Data is the lifeblood of our organizations, supporting real-time business processes and decision making. It is crucial to the success of software development, and to our organization as a whole, that we apply agile and lean strategies to data-oriented activities. Yet for many organizations their data sources prove to be less than trustworthy and their data-oriented development efforts little more than productivity sinkholes. We can, and must, do better.
Wednesday, July 27 • 2:00pm – 3:15pm
Few teams have a strong sense of whether or not an area of code is dead or moribund – yet that information is vital. When we have it, we can remove distracting code and simplify our systems in the process.
 Tuesday, July 26 • 3:45pm – 5:00pm

Ron & Chet’s Stalwarts Session (Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson)

  • *Ideas for self-improvement
  • *Ideas for better teamwork
  • *People not to grow up to be like
Tuesday, July 26 • 9:00am – 10:15am
Understand why we use agile practices, in terms that work not only for developers, but for anyone who might be the member of an agile team